Kim Bird - Selway River

A Vacation Planner and Relocation Guide

Kooskia welcome sign and historical informational kiosk at the crossing of the Clearwater at the entrance to town.A vacation is supposed to be relaxing. Why wear yourself out fighting the crowds & traffic of the National Parks? We have it all here in Kooskia, Idaho!! You will appreciate the scenery, the animals, and the friendly people who serve you. Whether you are following the Lewis & Clark Trail, or are just the outdoor enthusiast planning the ultimate hunting or fishing trip, you will be glad you chose to visit Kooskia, ID. Maybe you just want to take a leisurely drive through spectacular scenery. Whatever your reasons, click on the "RECREATION" button to see what we have to offer. All the scenic photos shown here are accessible by auto; most are from US Highway 12, the Lewis & Clark Highway. Remember to bring your camera.

Perhaps you are thinking of relocating your family or business. Why not consider an area where you can fish for your breakfast trout and still be to work on time, or take in the evening elk or deer hunt after work? You will find folks who still believe in old-fashioned small town work ethics, where crime is low and children are safe to walk home from school at days end. Your family and your employees will enjoy our safe, hometown atmosphere. Click on the "RELOCATE" button for full details.

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Where is Kooskia, Idaho? Click Here!

Gateway to Real America where:

Neighbors are Neighbors,
Families are Honored,
and there are No Strangers...
Only Friends Not Yet Met.

Today you will find a pristine community offering:

  • the purest of mountain air and water
  • spectacular scenery
  • and folks who give that "special" smile
    and neighborly welcome to visitors

Selway Bitterroot Wilderness area Kooskia is the gateway to the Clearwater and Nez Perce National Forest and the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness area. There are no McDonalds here, but you will delight in the Epicurean offerings featuring a variety of delicious menus with large mouth- watering portions! There is an abundance of lodging including several bed and breakfasts and an RV park.


Within driving distance are:

  • numerous public campgrounds
  • golf courses
  • and hot springs

Kooskia features a variety of special events and activities. The refurbished Old Victorian Opera Theatre, built in 1912, is located in the center of town. It emulates a splendor of yesteryear with a spectacular crystal chandelier, a dessert and sarsaparilla bar, and features year round concerts as well as melodramas.

Outdoor lovers should be prepared to enjoy:

Unriveled white water rafting adventures
  • white water rafting
  • horseback riding
  • hunting (outfitters or guided)
  • fishing and pack trips
  • backpacking
  • hiking
  • bicycling
  • steelhead and trout fishing
  • wilderness hiking
  • skiing
  • snow-mobile riding
  • snowboarding
  • 4-wheeling

Do take time to travel the scenic byways in order to enjoy and photograph the rugged mountains with pine-covered forests whose inhabitants include:

Mountain Lions (cougars) are native to the area.
  • the largest elk herd in the nation
  • white tail deer
  • wild turkey
  • bear
  • moose
  • mountain lion (cougar)
  • osprey
  • eagles

Kooskia boasts of the unlimited opportunities for the outdoor sportsmen and their families. After a date with Mother Nature, Kooskia offers a great meal, a great show, a comfortable place to rest and an all around relaxing atmosphere, with business personnel and town folks alike dedicated to making your visit a memorable one.

Chamber meetings are held on fourth (4th) Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at the Kooskia City Hall. Everyone is invited! Click here for our Membership Application.